Let’s Put YOUR Logo on Some Stuff!

So, you want to have something customized…you’ve come to the right place. My Smart Shirt is here to make your custom dreams come true! We aren’t just for screen printing. My Smart Shirt can put your custom spin on ANYTHING because we have lots and lots of fun techniques and gear to hook you up. Go ahead click a link below to get nerdy and see all the super detailed info on each option.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a form of stenciling that dates back to the Song Dynasty in China (whoah…that’s old!). Andy Warhol made it popular in the 60’s and we haven’t looked back. The process hasn’t changed in all those years either: film, screens, pressure washing, checking and double checking, blocking, ink and it’s all still done mostly by hand.

Simulated Process Printing is another process that uses only spot colors to create images. We use this one when your art is so colorful and awesome that the press just can’t hang. Both printing processes are effective and create high-quality products. Decisions, decisions. No worries though, the My Smart Shirt team will help you choose the best process for customizing your order!


This is not your grandma’s embroidery! Nearly any custom image that you can print can now become a digitized embroidery file. The digitized file works with the most advanced embroidery machines available to create a high quality custom piece of apparel just for you on items including shirts, jackets, gifts, team apparel and much more. The production process is very hands-on. Machines don’t think for themselves guys! We load your thread colors and then program the machine to sew your customized design in a color sequence that works specifically with your artwork. Once the machine is up to speed, your items are hand “hooped,” placed into the machine, sewn and un-hooped. In the finishing process, the items are inspected for quality and hand-trimmed of excess material.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

The future is now peeps! DTG Printing aka Direct to Garment Printing is just what it sounds like…we PRINT DIRECTLY ON YOUR STUFF YO. Think loading your printer with a t-shirt instead of paper and you’re there! DTG gives you more than 16 million color options, maximum detail and huge bang for your buck. Has your favorite concert t-shirt ever cracked or peeled in the wash? Not with DTG friend. The process actually embeds ink in the garment’s fibers so your design and shirt become one. My Smart Shirt’s DTG printing can also print complicated and colorful images that are cost-prohibitive in screen printing, on dark garments, and in sizes up to 14 x 18 inches.

Heat Applied Decorating (DTF/HTV)

Feel free to look it up on Wiki but the My Smart Shirt summary is that heat-applied transfer is the process of transferring materials to items using heat. Iron-on just got amped buddy! We have perfected this application and have a large assortment of materials including Direct to Film (DTF), custom twill, emblems, patches, and vinyls (commonly used for individual names and numbers on athletic uniforms) that we can apply to products. We also have a wide variety of colors, textures and special effects like glow-in-the-dark, glitter, neon, simulated stitching and reflection. My Smart Shirt has all the hot tricks in our bag for your next custom heat-applied decorated project.

Promotional Products

Is your swagger hot? Promotional apparel or “swag” is an excellent and affordable way to endorse and support your school, club, corporate event, fundraiser or team! Promotional items have been proven to be one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available and the right ones will keep your name in front of customers for weeks, months or even years. We offer a wide variety of customizable items to fit your needs and goals like pens, totes, head wear or even calculators. Almost anything can be imprinted so there is something for everyone and every budget! If you want a custom mailbox, we can deliver.

asi/525936 (278729)

Signs, Banners & Decals

Nobody likes going to five different spots for things that should be at the same place…ya feel? Why not get your custom signage, banners and decals right where you get your other custom stuff: from My Smart Shirt! It’s a no brainer so whether you need just these items or you need a whole slew of custom items, we’re here to hook you up:

Inside? Outside? Metal? Wood? We make custom signs look easy and awesome!

Shiny? Matte? Grommets? Any size, any color that your little heart can dream of, we can make it happen.

Magnetic? Sticky? Trapezoid? Give us all your sticky deets and we’ll give you custom decals that rock!

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Graphic Design

A strong business, school, club, fundraiser or team requires a solid logo and branding to be memorable. It’s the very first thing your audience sees and may be the only thing that’ll stick with ‘em. No pressure there, huh? The My Smart Shirt team can create a custom design for your school, club, business, fundraiser or team. The My Smart Shirt team will first review your brand’s values, image, goals, and uses. We also pay attention to how your final image will appear on products, advertising and marketing so that we can tie your branding together like a custom dream. No Nightmares here!

Blank Apparel and Promotional Items

My Smart Shirt has some very good connections… we know people, okay? What that means is that YOU only have to know My Smart Shirt. We are hooking you up with wholesale blank apparel and promotional items that you can customize to your little heart’s content. Yes, My Smart Shirt would love to customize these items for you but we get it. It’s fun to create on your own too, heck it’s what we do and love! We’re sharing the love so check out some of the brands you can get your hands on and then give us a ring so you can get your blank on!

asi/525936 (278729)