About Us

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This is where we could tell you that our team has been making custom apparel using doll clothes and duct tape since elementary school. Or it could be the place where you learn that our founder has been making and creating custom t-shirts, apparel and promotional products for a hundred years using a needle, thread and paint from a can. That’s not what you’re gonna find here though, sorry to disappoint.

What we will tell you is that here at My Smart Shirt, we are all about you, your team, your group and your family. Putting logos on stuff that will rock your world is our number one goal. If you aren’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Our product potential is endless and customized just for you. In addition to t-shirts, we put logos on stuff like hats, sweatshirts, pens, mugs, koozies, hoodies, keychains and much much more. You want it, we can get it and it’s going to be just what you were looking for. There is no limit to the possibilities with My Smart Shirt.

Changing the World

At My Smart Shirt, we believe we can change the world one smart shirt at a time. We are proud to give back to our community and the world in big and small ways. That’s why we have partnered with SERV International and strive to share our success with those less fortunate. SERV International is an Atlanta based 501C3 non-profit organization feeding the malnourished globally via 100% pass-through donations. Food*Water*Shelter*Life. Through our Buy a Shirt, Feed a Child program we will be able to feed children in remote regions of Africa, the Dominican Republic and Honduras that no other organizations are reaching. By purchasing products from My Smart Shirt, you can make a difference through SERV as well. My Smart Shirt helps feed a SERV International child for a day with every custom designed shirt you purchase. Buy a shirt = feed a child. Now that is a smart shirt!

So come on, let’s put your logo on some stuff!

What about My Smart Shirt? We have locations in Orlando and Atlanta