SERV Ball 2015

SERV Ball 2015

SERV International hosted their 3rd annual SERV Ball on December 7th and My Smart Shirt was there of course! We took selfies…who needs a selfie stick? pshhh not us!


A pic from the pro (see below for details about the photographer and how to get your little hands on some of his beautiful shots from the event)…


You guys, this event was SOLD OUT like a Taylor Swift concert minus the crying tweens! That’s over 270 awesome folks teaming up to do some good for SERV. It was awesome and we were so happy to get to be there for the third year in a row!!



We planned to give you the low down on the fundraising that all these great people did that night but it’s not over ya’ll. SERV is STILL receiving donations and sponsorships on the daily. We are seven days out people…how cool is that?!

What we can tell you is

  • SERV will now be able to build TWO new House of Hope dormitories
  • There are FOUR new House of Hope child sponsors
  • The House of Hope new vehicle is slowly becoming a reality
  • 2016 is going to see 100 new SERV water filtration buckets for the Dominican Republic
  • Sponsors are ALREADY signing up for NEXT YEAR’S ball!!!



My Smart Shirt is so proud to work with this great group! If you want to get in on the fun, just visit SERV here to get started.

Images from the event are now available from David Scruggs Photography! Get your pics here. At the top of each gallery page are sections for Guests, The Wall, Entertainment…visit them all and order your photos today. Proceeds from all picture purchases will benefit SERV!