SERV 5K Global Hunger Walk & Run

SERV 5K Global Hunger Walk & Run

The SERV 5K Global Hunger Walk & Run event was this past Saturday, May 30th and it was a huge success! The My Smart Shirt family was there…


The local crowd was pumped and ready to run (or walk, whatevs)…




Check out some of the pics sent in from global participants…USA, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Mexico, Sweden, Uganda, South Africa and Canada. Wow, how amazing is that!?





We know we say it a lot but we are so proud to work with SERV International and fun events for a cause like this just sweeten the deal.

Almost forgot, all participants got a very cool t-shirt for participating and we think they turned out pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.


Were you there? Did you have a good time? Did you participate globally…we’d love to see more pics! Tell us all about it in the comments and if you missed the event this year go ahead and mark it down in your calendar for May 2016. My Smart Shirt will be there fo’ sho’!