Polos for SERV

Polos for SERV

We tell you about SERV all the time but did you know they have a store?! We’re talking a REAL store people with lots of goodies and DEALS! Don’t you love gloating about how you got something awesome on the low low…we definitely do.

Founded in 2011, SERV Store is a for-profit discount retail store that contributes a large percentage of its net profits to SERV International. It’s a closeout liquidation store and they carry product lines from all the popular retail & online stores with incredible deals on furniture, small appliances, home décor, clothing, mattresses, electronics and more!

My Smart Shirt just got to make these cool polo shirts for the employees at the SERV Store so please go check them out and be sure to compliment their spiffy new duds while you’re there.

The details are below so you can find the store closest to you (that’s right, there are TWO of these fun stores to scour for deals)! Now, go forth and shop with a purpose!

CANTON: 3145 Marietta Hwy Canton, GA 30114

CARTERSVILLE: 1274 Joe Frank Harris Pkwy Cartersville, GA