Join With SERV To Fight the Crisis

Join With SERV To Fight the Crisis

Eastern Africa has been without rain and it is causing one of the biggest humanitarian crisis’ since 1945.

According to the United Nations, ” “The world is facing its greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945”, says the United Nations humanitarian coordinator, Stephen O’Brien, “We stand at a critical point in our history,” he said. “Without collective and coordinated global efforts, people will simply starve to death.” ”

We are hearing stories of people who are going five and more days without eating and they are in a state of starvation. They will die without intervention or rain. We cannot make it rain, but we can provide food, but we cannot help them without YOUR help. Please consider going to the donate link below to give.

We believe that no one should be starving and that we can all make a difference. Consider maybe skipping the latte or trip to the restaurant this week and donating that money to feed someone who is truly starving across the world.
We are working to fight this crisis and are praying for change. Please be praying for the men, women, and children of Kenya and the rest of Eastern Africa. They need your prayers right now. While we cannot feed all of Africa, nor are we trying to, we can feed those in the communities that we are invested in and assist as funds and food allows. Please consider joining us in this fight against famine.

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