The future is now peeps! DTG Printing aka Direct to Garment Printing is just what it sounds like…we PRINT DIRECTLY ON YOUR STUFF YO. Think loading your printer with a t-shirt instead of paper and you’re there!

DTG gives you over 16 million color options, max detail and huge bang for your buck folks. In addition to these perks, your new digs are going to wash beautifully. Has your favorite concert t-shirt every cracked or peeled in the wash? Not with DTG friends. The process actually penetrates your garment’s fibers with ink so your t-shirt and that fun design are now one like white on rice. Just turn that bad boy inside out and wash on cold for the first couple washes and your golden!

Has anyone ever told you…hey, that’s a great design! you should put in on a shirt…only to find out that you used 16 different colors and screen printing that bad boy is going to cost you all the morning lattes for a year? My Smart Shirt’s DTG printing can take on those designs that are just too good for the ole’ screen printer to handle.

Is your design pretty big? No prob Bob, we can print images up to 16″ x 24″ so bring it! Is your favorite t-shirt color black? Yeah, we can print on that!

Just like printing any other image, the better the resolution, the better the result so…we can print anything you bring us but we want your item to be stunning so bring us your best and we’ll give you ours. High resolution is where it’s at and if you need help getting there, we do that too!

No t-shirt left behind, we promise we don’t get paper jams!

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