Taco Tuesday, Getting Schooled

Taco Tuesday, Getting Schooled

If they don’t like tacos, they’re nacho friend! Words to live by for sure but what if we could all learn a huge marketing lesson from the taco giant themselves, Taco Bell?

Everyone’s favorite fast food taco giant could school anyone on how to use promotional products and merch to not only target their next level audience but keep them craving more when it comes to all things taco. Way way back in 2017…I know, I’m bringing up old stuff…the Bell launched a branded clothing line with Forever 21 and the headlines went cray.

A year later, the geniuses in their marketing department created The Wedding Package and now they even offer a Taco Bell Wedding at their flagship Las Vegas Taco Bell Cantina restaurant! I do, I do, I do!

And just to take it up a notch, they opened a limited time only completely merch heavy hotel in Palm Springs and it sold out in TWO MINUTES! I mean, I can’t even find my credit card that fast.

These and many previous moves in this direction spurred a straight seven years of growth! Holy tacos batman! And they aren’t stopping there. Taco Bell adds new merch, gear and product to their Taco Shop on the regular. If you hurry, you could be a diablo sauce packet for Halloween.

The lesson here is customized product and out on a limb marketing strategies. Know your audience and then you just have to go for it…big! What can we customize for your next marketing adventure?