No, this isn’t about tennis! Our friends at SERV are using the month of love, candy, chocolate and roses to #SERVLOVE. The goal this month is to get 1,000 generous people to donate $50 each. My Smart Shirt thinks we can do better than that! Show your #SERVLOVE by donating to their One Fund here today.

The One Fund allows SERV to utilize their resources towards their greatest needs.

Donations given to the One Fund are used to resource food, water, shelter, life programs and projects, operations at House of Hope orphanage, global building projects, special projects, growth, overhead, and much more.

As always every penny, dime, nickel or dollar you spend goes toward Food, Water, Shelter and Life Projects. Corporate Partners, Sponsors, and Donors like My Smart Shirt fund the overhead expenses, which allows SERV to remain a 100% pass through organization. Gotta LOVE that!