This is not your grandma’s embroidery! While embroidery techniques from years ago are still the fundamentals of embroidery today, we’ve come a long way. Pretty much any custom image that you can print can now become a digitized embroidery file. The digitized file works with the most advanced embroidery machines available to create a high quality custom piece of apparel just for you on many items including business shirts, jackets, gifts, team apparel and more.

The process is easy and fun just like our other products and you can be wearing your new item in just days! My Smart Shirt offers a plethora of items that can embroidered just for you. You can use your own original artwork or choose from our collection of images to customize your design your way. Spend a little time creating your masterpiece and you’re only a few days away from wearing that custom piece of art!

It all starts with your artwork. You can send us something you created, you can choose from artwork we already have available or you can work with our graphic designers to have something designed just for you. Your two dimensional artwork is then digitized into stitches and thread by our embroidery team. The My Smart Shirt team will then use your specifications to create a proof of your product for your review so you can see what your design will look like on your chosen product. The proof will show the colors, size and location that we will be using to create your items. This is your opportunity for change, and we will work with you on this until you’re completely satisfied with the outcome. We don’t start stitching until you give us the okay.

The production process is very hands on despite the ease now available through the creation of embroidery machines. Machines don’t think for themselves guys! We load your specific thread colors and then the machine is programmed to sew your customized design in a color sequence that works specifically with your artwork. Once the machine is up to speed, your items are hand “hooped” and into the machine, sewn and un-hooped. In the finishing process the items are inspected for quality and hand trimmed of excess material.

If you want to check out a few of the fun brands we have available to choose from, just click here.

All orders are reviewed by the My Smart Shirt design team before and after creation to ensure that your vision comes to life. Our team is available to help you along the way if you have questions and we guarantee all of our orders to your 100% satisfaction. So come on, let’s embroider your logo on some stuff!

No t-shirt left behind, even your grandma’s!

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